Lil Wayne Top Search Term on YouTube in December 2008

Music searches make majority of YouTube queries

Top 20 search terms on YouTube December 2008

lil wayne



single ladies

soulja boy

chris brown


taylor swift

britney spears

love story

family guy


hannah montana

jonas brothers

akon na na na

jesse mccartney how do you sleep


beyonce single ladies


hot n cold

Source: Hitwise, an Experian company

New York, N.Y., Jan. 29, 2009 — An analysis by Hitwise®, an Experian company, of the top 50 search terms entered into YouTube’s Web site search for December 2008 reveals that music-related search terms dominate YouTube queries. This custom data, available for the first time, shows that the majority of searches on YouTube are for a band, an artist or a song. Searches for the rapper Lil Wayne ranked first in December 2008.

Other searches for artists included Beyonce, Soulja Boy and Chris Brown. Searches for individual songs, such as “Single Ladies,” “Love Story”, “Right Now (Na Na Na)”, “How Do You Sleep” and “Womanizer,” also featured prominently on the list.

The top 50 search terms on YouTube accounted for 20 percent of the site’s total search volume in December 2008. Behind music searches, Internet personalities were next most popular searched, followed by miscellaneous searches and then TV searches.

One common trend was the rise of Internet celebrities — particularly Fred, who portrays a self-described 6-year-old with anger management issues. The search term “Fred” ranked as the seventh most searched term overall. Fred is a reminder of the “Internet celebrity” phenomenon (for example, Lonely Girl), where individuals who previously would have been unknown can rise to celebrity status among a niche audience. The search term “Charlie bit my finger” this referring to a popular viral video, ranked 31st.

YouTube searches are different from searches on the main engines such as Google and Yahoo! Search that drive traffic to YouTube. Analysis of the top search terms on YouTube compared with those across the major search engines reveals some clear differences. In particular, searches for individual songs are much more common on YouTube. Also, bands that dominate searches on YouTube tend to be those that appeal to younger audiences.

Overall, YouTube ranked as the 10th most visited Web site in the United States in December 2008.

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