KPN Reduces Bad Debt And Operational Costs With Experian

KPN, which serves more than 35 million customers across the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, announces that it has achieved the same acceptance rate with a 5% decrease in bad debt with Transact SM, the application processing and decisioning system from Experian, the global information services company. With the automated registration process, KPN has also been able to remove manual processes including decreasing referrals by 95% for a significant improvement in operational costs.

Transact SM accesses only relevant data sources before applying complex business rules and strategies to make appropriate decisions based on the credit worthiness of the applicant and the suitability of the order considered. As a result, KPN has accepted the same number of applicants while decreasing credit risk and bad debt, as it can set terms and conditions which reflect the applicant profile.

In addition, Transact SM automatically retrieves information to prevent bad debt and fraud, from internal lists of known fraudsters and connecting to the national Preventel Telecom database. This functionality has enabled KPN to reduce losses and fraud by identifying potential fraudsters before they become a customer.

Armin Hoekstra, Credit Risk Manager KPN, said: "The impact of the Transact SM system has been significant. We have seen the immediate benefits of removing 90% of the manual processes and reducing the data costs by 15%, but we know that the strategic control and flexibility the system gives us is where we will see the biggest impact for many years to come. Experian has delivered a system that exceeds our expectations and will enable us to grow and improve profitability across the business".

Marco Nobel, Country Manager for Netherlands Experian's Decision Analytics division, comments: "KPN is always looking to increase market share and knows that the best way to achieve it is by ensuring every accepted application has the best offer to maximise return. As the results show, Transact SM is the right tool to accomplish this goal".

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