Experian launches new email data quality software


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London, UK, 22nd May 2009 - Experian®, the global information services company, today launched a new software tool to help organisations improve the quality of their email data. QAS Email Validate screens email addresses as they are collected to prevent inaccurate contact information from hampering effective customer and prospect communications.   Experian’s latest software tool further expands the company’s range of contact data management products and services.

When an individual submits their contact details, QAS Email Validate corrects common errors and cross-references the email address with dead domain names and malicious email addresses. If an address is flagged as invalid, the software provides a suggested alternative. As a result, QAS Email Validate ensures that good quality email data is stored for future communications and problems such as email bounce backs are minimised.


Stuart Johnston, Managing Director at Experian QAS commented: “78 per cent of marketers rate email as the best channel for maximising ROI, but the quality of email data is reportedly their biggest barrier to success. QAS Email Validate is a significant addition to our contact data management portfolio, allowing organisations to treat email data with the same level of attention as traditional offline data. As with all aspects of contact data, it is important not just to think of email addresses as isolated pieces of information. They play a crucial role in how an organisation engages with its customers, and the more accurate email data is, the more valuable it is for customer acquisition and retention.”