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PR Manager, Experian QAS
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London, UK, 19th March 2009 - Experian®, the global information services company, has today announced the availability of QAS for Salesforce CRM on the AppExchange. Customers can now take advantage of Experian’s leading data quality tools directly within Salesforce CRM, enabling more accurate customer intelligence and better decision-making and communications.


QAS for is immediately available for testing and deployment on the AppExchange. It validates contact records entering the CRM application, making database analysis easier and results more reliable. Additional information such as names, business or Mosaic segmentation data can be added at the point of capture, allowing enhanced database profiling and segmentation. This capability will enable Salesforce CRM users to improve customer analysis and generate ROI through more targeted marketing communications.


Stuart Johnston, UK Managing Director of Experian QAS, said: “This partnership enables customers to access leading data quality services right at the point of data capture. This will provide customers with more accurate and enriched contact data to help drive campaigns and business intelligence, and more value from their Salesforce CRM application.”


Steve Garnett, European Chairman of, commented: “Over 50,000 customers across the world already use Salesforce CRM to support their customer management. The Experian QAS integration is an exciting proposition to offer our customers as data quality is a key component in customer management. We expect to see more people invest in tools to support customer retention over the coming year.”