Zopa.it Chooses Experian For Efficient And Accurate Application Processing

Zopa.it Chooses Experian For Efficient And Accurate Application Processing

Zopa.it, the first italian social lending community, has chosen Experian, the global information services company, to accurately assess the risk of borrowers and make fast, consistent decisions about their financial risk.

Zopa.it is an online marketplace where people lend and borrow money with each other. Experian will deliver a scorecard for personal loans, which will enable Zopa to determine the solvency of a borrower and their probability of default and likelihood to repay the loan in order to inform the users of the platform.

Paolo Andreatta, Risk Manager Zopa Italy: “Our main aim is the quality of rating for borrowers, and Experian is a proven provider of decisioning technology. Experian´s scorecard models, based on analytics, will help us to offer our customers a better service and support our community in their lending decisions.”

Miretta Menarini, Head of Telecom and Finance Houses Experian´s Decision Analytics division Italy, commented: “We are proud of our long-term relationship with Zopa.it. With this agreement, all Zopa´s users will benefit from the same effective and advanced tools for assessing credit risk that major banks are using. ”

The specific offering provided by Experian consists in a credit scoring and consulting service program specially developed for financial houses that lack the necessary data for the development of customised scoring models.

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