Personal image important to one in ten car owners in the East Midlands when buying a car

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personal image important to One in ten car owners in the East Midlands When BUYING A CAR


Nottingham UK, 14 August 2008 - The East Midlands is one of the most image conscious regions when it comes to buying a car, according to a recent survey[1] of British car owners by Experian®, the global information services company.


Ten per cent of car owners in the region admit that the effect a car will have on their personal image is important.  This closely follows the attitudes of car owners in London where 11 per cent admit the same and is on a par with car owners in East Anglia (also 10 per cent).  Across the country, 7 per cent of car owners admit to factoring in personal image as an important part of their decision to buy a car.


Kirk Fletcher, Managing Director of Experian’s Automotive division, said: “It is interesting to see that despite the current economic climate, the desire for a car that projects the right image is still present among car owners in the East Midlands. 


For some people it could mean spending more than they can afford, and against the backdrop of an increasingly worrying economic environment, the question is how many people are trying to sell their cars on to unsuspecting buyers without settling the finance first?  This type of fraudulent activity is on the increase[2] and with outstanding finance being the biggest issue facing automotive businesses and used car buyers, the only way to ensure they protect themselves is by checking out the car’s status before buying it through services such as Experian’s AutoCheck.”


In the East Midlands:

  • Car owners are among the most likely in Great Britain to be concerned about the rising costs of living (92 per cent), compared to car owners in the other regions.
  • Almost one in two people (48 per cent) are concerned about a car’s environment impact.
  • 32 per cent of East Midland car owners would factor this concern into their decision to buy a car.
  • Around one in four (27 per cent) class brand reputation as the most important factor when it comes to making a decision in buying a car.
  • Nearly one in five car owners in the East Midlands change their cars within a three year cycle.
  • The majority change their cars within a three and four year time period (25 per cent).
  • Car owners (along with their neighbours in the West Midlands) are the most inclined to look at the ‘sell on’ potential of a car as part of their decision making process. 


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[1] Based on an independent online survey conducted by Research Plus on behalf of Experian.  A total of 1016 British car owners aged 18+ were surveyed between 4th – 8th July 2008.

[2] CIFAS (2008)