One in ten men lie on their CVs

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One in ten men lie on their CVs

Men more likely than women to deceive employers

Nottingham, UK, 9 April 2008 - Men are far more likely to lie on their CVs than women, according to research from, an Experian® company.

In a survey of 1,497 adults, 12 per cent of men questioned admitted to lying about their job title on their CV as opposed to just 7 per cent of women.

Likewise, more males were willing to exaggerate their educational qualifications, with 14 per cent of men questioned admitting to falsifying this information on their CV and job application forms, whereas only 11 per cent of women would do the same.

“Year on year, we hear of women outperforming men in their exam results, and these findings indicate that men have a tendency to exaggerate their qualifications in order to keep up,” explains Avis Easteal, General Manager at  “The research revealed that over two-thirds of men do not think employers thoroughly check CVs and job applications, meaning those with a tendency to lie are spurred on by a complacent attitude from employers.”

Easteal explains this sends out a clear message to businesses: “HR departments need to check every application thoroughly.  If people believe they can get away with lying on their CV, then they will. There are serious implications for anyone who employs a person without checking their credentials, whether qualifications for the job, experience or even employment eligibility.  For example, the recent introduction of the Immigration Act means that a company can be charged up to £10,000 or even face imprisonment if they employ someone who is not permitted to work in the UK.”

The survey was based on a sample of 1,497 adults.  For further information about background checking please visit


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