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New Year bears bad tidings for UK retailers

Retail FootFall Index - UK National (w/c 07 January)
Week-on-week (w/c 07 January 2008 vs w/c 31 December 2007): - 4.4%
Year-on-year (w/c 07 January 2008 vs w/c 08 January 2007): -

Nottingham, UK, 17 January,  2008 - Only a couple of weeks into the official January sales, shopper numbers are already plummeting across the UK, according to the latest figures from Experian® company FootFall.

The Retail FootFall Index (RFI) for last week shows a week-on-week decrease of 4.4% and an overall decline in shopper numbers of 1.4% compared to 2007.

Further adding to the downcast mood, all regional figures for the week are consistent with the trend, with many regions showing even further falls.  Faring the worst, the Eastern England region saw a 3.5% decline in shopper numbers compared to the same period last year, closely followed by the South West and Wales (-3.0%) and Yorkshire and Humber (-2.6%).

Martin Davies from Experian comments:  “With Britain’s increasingly tactical shopping resulting in more selective visit patterns, prompting the introduction of early discounts, the all-important trading period was a major disappointment for many retailers.  Now, only a few weeks into 2008, as the full-priced spring stock hits the shop-floor following a month of mounted discounts, the retail outlook for the year ahead looks worryingly bleak - a sentiment which has also been reflected in this week’s trading statements from a number of key UK retailers.”

Andrew Burrell, Associate Director of Macroeconomics at Experian adds: “Last week’s decision not to cut interest rates and speculation over further fuel cost rises has only added to the dampened mood on the High Street. This hasn’t been helped by a combination of the fact that borrowing costs are still much higher than a year ago, income growth is limited by the economic slowdown and the increasing gloom surrounding the housing market.

“Although further interest rate cuts are possible at the moment, it all depends on the inflation rate which is currently running above the Government target and even if rates do fall, it is doubtful whether this will be enough to entice shoppers and prevent a further weakening of retail demand.”


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