Marshall Motor Group chooses Experian


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Marshall Motor Group chooses Experian

Nottingham, UK, 8 May 2008 - One of the top twenty dealer groups in the UK has chosen Experian®, the global information services company, as its sole provider for a range of automotive services.

Marshall Motor Group has renewed its contract for Experian's AutoCheck, one of the most intuitive vehicle provenance services on the market, for a further three years.  In addition to AutoCheck, Experian will also continue to provide the group with:

  • Experian's Vehicle Mileage Check
  • Experian's data cleansing programme
  • MarketView Online an online automotive market analysis tool


Christopher Walkinshaw, Business Development Director of Marshall Motor Group, said: 'Experian has supported our used car programme for many years and each time the contract has expired, our normal business procedures have been to go out to the market and carry out a review of the best products and services available. It's not just about the price. The quality of the products and services offered is important, but more importantly, how they fit into our business is a key factor in the decision making process. In each instance, Experian has continued to demonstrate its value over its competitors.

Although our initial relationship began as one where Experian supported our used car programme, we have since expanded the range of services we use from Experian. For example, in the last couple of years, following an initial database audit, we have identified a range of data files which can add even greater value to our database and we have now signed up for a regular quarterly programme.

Last year, we also signed up to MarketView Online which we have found very useful in helping us with our strategic business planning. While we do receive information from other sources, it is not as detailed as the information we gain through MarketView Online and it gives us a far more in depth understanding of the market areas that we work in.

'With a great combination of innovative products, service and price, it made perfect business sense to stay with Experian.'

Kirk Fletcher, Managing Director of Experian's Automotive division, said: 'A successful business is one that understands the need to keep evolving and reviewing its products and services., We are delighted that yet again the Marshall Motor Group's review process has concluded that Experian is its partner of choice. It is testament to the breadth and depth of our products and services.'

'Marshall Motor Group is well known as one of the top names in the industry and we have enjoyed a long working relationship with the group. We look forward to building on this and working even more closely together in the future.'



The word 'Experian' is a registered trademark in the EU and other countries and is owned by Experian Ltd and/or its associated companies.

About Experian's Automotive division
Experian's Automotive division provides powerful data insight to organisations within the automotive industry, including manufacturers, motor retailers, motor finance companies and insurance providers.  It also works with carefully selected partners to deliver information direct to consumers.

Experian's risk management products provide clients with an independent assessment of vehicles, prospective business partners and customers and potential and existing employees.   Powerful customer insight also enables these clients to accurately target the hottest customers and prospects using the most cost effective channels.

Experian's Automotive division works with over 80 per cent of the AM 100 and Motor Trader Top 200 enabling them to manage the risks and maximise the opportunities that face their businesses every day.