Experian Marketing Information Services Releases Small Business Marketing Study to Help BtoB Marketers Increase ROI

Experian Marketing Information Services Releases Small Business Marketing Study to Help B2B Marketers Increase ROI

New study reveals unique consumer demographic characteristics of the small business and multiple business owner.

Schaumburg, IL, April 14, 2008

News Facts

  • The latest marketing study from Experian Marketing Information Services reveals unique characteristics of small business owners--sole business owners and multi-business owners—as compared to the national averages for consumers.
  • The marketing study’s approach provides a deep, blended view of a business owner from the business and consumer perspectives.
  • To access a copy of the report in PDF format: http://www.experianmarketingservices.com/marketing_resources.html
  • Study findings show that:
    • Business owners tend to wait a longer time before deciding to start a second business than a business owner who is starting their third, fourth and fifth business.
    • Business owners with more than one business are not solely operating all their businesses in the same industry; it appears they are willing to venture into a broad range of industries for their other businesses.
    • Business owners in general are less likely to be considered “under-banked” on their consumer credit than the average consumer population.  The likelihood further decreases as the number of businesses they own increases.
  • The total consumer and business view of the small business owner is critical to truly understanding prospects and customers and delivering customized and targeted offers they are most likely to respond to.  Looking solely at business data can limit a marketer’s ability to understand what will motivate the small business owner to do business with them.

Download The small business owner – an in-depth B2B marketing study of owners of multiple small businesses for more information: http://www.experianmarketingservices.com/marketing_resources.html

”Very little information about the small and multi-business owner exists from the consumer perspective,” said Denise Hopkins, vice president of marketing and product development for Experian Marketing Information Services. “We understand that consumers are more likely to respond to your marketing offer when the offer is relevant to their needs, so it is imperative to remember that behind every business is an owner and that business owner is also a consumer.”

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