Experian launches new Company Information service for professional and advisory sector

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Experian launches new Company Information service for professional and advisory sector

Nottingham, UK,
8 September 2008: Experian®, the global information services company, has launched Company Information – a new, 24/7 online document service delivering accurate and reliable information on any UK private company, its shareholders and directors, to information professionals within the legal, accountancy and financial sectors.

As the foundation of the service, Experian has created its own document and image store and retrieval infrastructure.  Adding to its own data assets, it has also added complete Companies House document filing coverage, all contained within a user-friendly web environment to enable it to offer 24/7 availability of Companies House documents backed by reports.  As a result, Company Information offers unrivalled depth and breadth of information on UK private limited businesses at a service level that outpaces Companies House and other information providers.

The Company Information service was designed following extensive research within the financial and professional services industries, with the focus on understanding the challenges information professionals and knowledge managers have in undertaking financial research and due diligence, and making it an easy to use, accurate and reliable service.

Company documents are also available in a packaged format rather than as individual documents, improving the efficiency of the Company Information service and providing faster customer response times. Minimal click through is required to access data and documents and images are presented by filing history rather than type, making it easier to identify patterns and missed filings. A “Shopping Cart” mechanism, allows users to keep track of the documents they have ordered before checking out.

Company Information also offers superior tracking, billing and usage monitoring, as each search includes an optional reference number allowing organisations to monitor their usage costs more effectively, should they wish and track and trace costs so they can be disbursed to clients as appropriate.  

Breadth and depth of coverage provided by Company Information:

  • Online access to over 85 million Experian owned, original document images – over 400 million document images
  • Easily searchable database of full original company documents and images including annual returns, memoranda and articles and full accounts – all in downloadable format
  • Information on over 2.8 million active GB and NI companies and 3.3 million dissolved companies
  • Details on over 15.3 million directors (current and previous)
  • Access to information on businesses from 14 countries across the globe, including 40 million online reports and over 10 million business records plus access to online coverage of the Asia Pacific region – an additional 40 countries and 8 million businesses
  • PD0008 certification for legal admissibility

Peter Griffiths, Head of Experian’s Company Information service commented: “Our aim is to provide a best of breed service for information professionals within the legal, accountancy and financial sectors by delivering improved efficiency and faster response times and enabling users to monitor costs more effectively for better cost control.

“The real benefit for law firms/accountancy firms is that with its speed and efficiency of the service Company Information gives information specialists, managers and partners within the firm the freedom to concentrate on added value activities, safe in the knowledge that financial research and due diligence are being undertaken effectively.”

This press release can be downloaded from http://press.experian.com.