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Experian launches Autocheck timeline

Nottingham, UK, 8 February 2008 - Experian®, the global information services company, has launched a unique new feature as part of its vehicle provenance service to help dealers meet the increasing information demands of their customers.

AutoCheck, the industry’s most intuitive vehicle provenance service, now includes AutoCheck Timeline, a unique new feature enabling dealers to instantly view all the events that have affected a vehicle from the moment it was registered in a clear and easy-to-view chronological timeline.

The feature has been developed as a result of a requirement from dealers to be able to provide more information to their customers.  This is the first time the information has been presented in this way.

AutoCheck Timeline includes new details, which highlight whether a car has ever been stolen in its lifetime, the date it was stolen and when it was recovered.  Previously, if a vehicle had been stolen but later recovered, details of its theft was removed.  AutoCheck Timeline also includes details of a vehicle’s first MOT date.

Kirk Fletcher, Managing Director of Experian’s Automotive division, said: “No other provider of vehicle provenance services to the industry offers the extra stolen and recovered information, nor do they offer this information in such a clear chronological format.

“Dealers want to ensure they are armed with information that not only ensures that they protect themselves, but also helps them make that sale.  AutoCheck Timeline gives dealers more visibility on the true history of a vehicle than ever before, helping them make the most informed decision on which vehicles to accept and how they should be resold.  Furthermore, by providing this information in such an easy to understand format, dealers can use it to demonstrate the integrity of a vehicle to their customers.

“AutoCheck Timeline is just one of a number of unique developments to AutoCheck that is taking Experian’s vehicle provenance service to another level and placing it ahead of other services.”

One of the dealers trialling the new AutoCheck Timeline feature is the award-winning used car retailer, AvailableCar.

Operations Director of AvailableCar, Paul Arscott, said: “AvailableCar is one of the country’s car retailing success stories with a rotating stock of over 2,000 used cars.  We value processes that we can trust to help us stay ahead of the game and Experian’s AutoCheck plays a role in this.

“We were already highly impressed with AutoCheck and wanted to be switched to this service straightaway.  AutoCheck Timeline gives it that extra weight, especially with the inclusion of the stolen and recovered markers.

“Many of our customers want to know more about the used car they are thinking about buying.  We were particularly interested in the new AutoCheck Timeline feature in order to help us clearly and easily see all the events in a car’s life to protect the business, but also to help us fulfil our customers’ needs by being able to present the simple report to them.

“Of particular interest to us was the aspect highlighting whether a car had ever been stolen in its lifetime.  Vehicle provenance checks highlight the ‘current’ status of a car, so previously once a car had been recovered, details of whether it had ever been stolen were no longer available to view.  The clarity of the report makes it easier to show us and our customers exactly what they are buying.”


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