Experian completes loading of 2007 SIC codes into National Busines Database


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Experian completes loading of 2007 SIC codes into National Business Database

Nottingham, UK, 8 February 2008 - Experian®, the global information services company, has incorporated the 2007 Standard Industry Classification (SIC) codes into its National Business Database (NBD).

The incorporation within the database of these latest industry codes, which were published in full by the Office of National Statistics on 14 December and became effective on 1 January 2008, allows for the profiling of industry classification for B2B marketing purposes at an even more granular level and ensures that the NBD remains a leading edge data asset.

SIC codes were first introduced into the UK in 1948 to allow the classification of businesses by the type of economic activity they are engaged in and provide a framework for the collection and presentation of data relating to businesses.

Nick Frazer, head of B2B Marketing within Experian’s Business Information division, commented: “The last partial revision to the SIC codes took place in 2003 and this 2007 update is significant as it’s the first full-scale revision to the classification for 15 years. Revisions become necessary to reflect the changing nature of business as new industries emerge and shifts and changes of emphasis occur in existing industries.  As an industry leading insight on the business universe, we were keen to ensure our National Business Database also reflected these changes as soon as possible.”

The National Business Database is one of the most comprehensive business data sources in the UK. It combines ten different independent and trusted data sources, including Yellow Pages, Thomson and Companies House information, to create over five million business records and in-depth picture of the business universe.

Key changes in the 2007 SIC codes include a restructuring of the classification of manufacturing industries to include hi-tech industries and the creation of a new classification section covering information and communication industries.

Nick Frazer concluded: “Having access to the most up-to-date industry classifications is vital in helping marketers to target prospects effectively and ensure that all communication with them is relevant.  In the current economic climate, when marketing budgets may be coming under pressure, it’s vital that we work to ensure our customers get the best possible return on investment on their direct marketing spend.”




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