Experian appointed for local authority contact data management project


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Experian appointed for local authority contact data management project


London, UK, 27 October 2008 - Three local authorities in England have appointed Experian®, the global information services company, to help them better manage the citizen address data held on their systems. 


The London Borough of Brent, Surrey County Council and Manchester City Council will use QAS Gateway, Experian QAS’s address verification software, to harness the National Land and Property Gazetteer (NLPG). The NLPG file contains over 30 million residential, business and non-mailing addresses and is used extensively by local authorities in England and Wales.


By integrating the NLPG with QAS Gateway, the local authorities will be able to:


-       Ensure the accuracy of new address data entering their systems

-       Prevent duplicate citizen records

-       Verify and update existing data, to assist data sharing and migration projects

-       Link addresses/citizens across departments using a unique property reference number (UPRN)

-       Append additional datasets - such as Experian’s Mosaic Public Sector citizen-profiling system - to provide even greater insight into the types of people accessing public services


The project will see Experian QAS’s software help the local authorities to eliminate the costs associated with managing inaccurate and incorrectly formatted address data across multiple departments. The CEBR[1] estimates that the efficiency gains from using NLPG data could save local government £54.4 million per annum.


Chris Waterman, Client Index Project Manager at London Borough of Brent, said: “We were keen to use QAS Gateway across Brent council to improve the quality of the address information we hold. Improving address quality is an important part of our ongoing Client Index project, which has built a true single citizen view of those living and working in the area. Introducing QAS software will enable us to exploit the Local Land and Property Gazetteer (a local version of the NLPG) and ensure we capture better quality data, first time."


Alister Humphreys, Head of Local Government at Experian QAS, commented:  “We work with all of the 410 local authorities in England and Wales and they are all faced with the challenge of trying to use the NLPG to drive efficiency gains.   The combination of our proven contact data management and public sector expertise is already helping numerous local authorities to use the NLPG file to achieve major improvements in citizen communications and the delivery of services.”

[1] Centre for Economics and Business Research Report 2006,A study to evaluate the benefit of the local and national land and property gazetteers.’