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Experian announces continued expansion and availability of their Probe SM adaptive control technology through their strategic partnership with TSYS


Experian announced today they are now processing their first live client on TSYS’ TS2® card and account processing platform in Europe. The multi million credit card account portfolio will use Experian’s Probe SM system to help them manage their customer management processes.


Experian and TSYS have been working together for several years in the United States, where more than 60 million accounts are processed using Experian’s Probe SM adaptive control technology. 


Probe SM is designed to provide the strategic management of card portfolios, allowing varying strategies to be applied to each individual cardholder depending on their behaviours. The business user is able to deploy scoring models and segmentation to control business processes such as limit management, collections and authorisations. Desktop analytics and simulation provide a closed-loop process, enabling the business user to continually fine-tune and improve their strategic approach.


“We already work with Experian in the United States and are pleased that the relationship has now expanded into Europe�, said Kelley Knutson, TSYS Group Executive of Global Services. “Our clients demand a high quality service from us and we are committed to delivering that capability. Probe SM fits well into our business model and further extends our decision support capabilities that allow our clients to strategically control and grow their portfolios effectively.“


“The integration of these two solutions, blending operation control with strategic decisioning, provides a complete business system. In an increasingly sophisticated and dynamic marketplace, our clients need to know that they have flexible, immediate control and operational robustness as an integrated proposition�, commented Elio Vitucci, Managing Director of Experian’s Decision Analytics division. “Experian already provides Strategy Management systems like Probe SM to clients in over 60 countries. Working closely with TSYS ensures that our joint platforms are completely aligned and offer clients immediate deployment capabilities and the associated business benefits for providing ‘speed–to-market’ offers�.