Experian and Gemini Systems launch first system enabling dealers to cleanse their databases at the touch of a button


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Experian and Gemini Systems launch first system enabling dealers to cleanse their databases at the touch of a button

Nottingham, UK, 12 March 2008 - Experian®, the global information services company, and Gemini Systems, a provider of integrated solutions for the automotive industry, have teamed up to provide dealers with a brand new solution to make data cleansing even easier and more time and cost effective. 

Experian has integrated Intact Automotive, its data cleansing service designed specifically for the automotive industry, into Evolution, Gemini Systems’ dealer management system (DMS).

The partnership will enable dealers to export both their customer and vehicle records out of their DMS and receive back cleansed and updated information, imported directly into their DMS. This happens at the touch of a button, with no disruption or extra cost to dealers.

Simon Harrod, Managing Director of Gemini Systems, said: “The unique factor here is the ability to provide this service easily and successfully with the minimum amount of disruption to the dealer.  Any dealer and DMS provider knows that the process of exporting customer and vehicle records data out of a dealer’s management system can be complicated and time consuming.

“It requires a hands-on approach by all who are involved.  Furthermore, integrating the cleansed data successfully back into the dealer’s management system can also be challenging and in many cases, when dealers receive this cleansed data back, they do not integrate it back into the DMS straight away.  The process has deterred a lot of dealers who simply do not have the time to dedicate to it.

“The aim with this development has been to make the process of data cleansing as easy as possible for our clients, so we needed to link up with an innovative and trusted provider of this service.  Many of our clients had recommended Experian and, with its reputation in the industry, it was the obvious partner.”    

According to research by QAS, the address management specialist, ten per cent of the average company’s database is inaccurate.  Seventy percent of consumers would be less inclined or would go out of their way to avoid doing business with a company that has continually sent out information addressed to an old occupier and 17 per cent of consumers have received mail for a deceased member of the family with two thirds finding it offensive and upsetting.[1]

Furthermore, Experian estimates that around 27 per cent of the customers in an average dealer’s un-cleansed database no longer own the cars the dealer sold to them.  Experian’s Intact Automotive is one of the market leaders in providing comprehensive vehicle data cleansing, as well as consumer data cleansing.

Kirk Fletcher, Managing Director of Experian’s Automotive division, said: “The process of data cleansing needs to be as easy as possible for dealers, so this partnership will bring a much needed development to the area of data integrity in the automotive industry. 

“With an average dealer’s database containing around 10,000 customer records, contacting the wrong customers at the wrong time means wasting a vast amount of time and money. This accounts to approximately £3,799[2] every time a dealer contacts customers from their un-cleansed database. It also poses a real threat to their brand reputation as well as a compliance risk.” 

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