Experian acquires Marketswitch

Acquisition of optimisation software firm expands Experian’s analytics and decisioning capabilities.

Experian®, the global information solutions company, has acquired Marketswitch, the leader in high-scale optimisation software. The acquisition will expand and enhance Experian’s analytics and decisioning capabilities on a global scale.

“The acquisition will leverage Experian’s global market presence, information assets, risk management and marketing expertise with Marketswitch’s leading optimisation decisioning technology,” said Roger Aubrook, president of Experian’s global decision support business. “Clients will now be able to obtain the best in optimisation software, backed by one of the leading data, analytics and services organisations in the world.”

Marketswitch TRUE Suite products are used in diverse industries such as financial services, communications, retail and e-commerce by some of the world’s leading corporations, including Capital One, Discover Financial Services, Vodafone Sweden and The Abbey.

“This is a unique opportunity to join Experian and contribute our strategic enterprise decisioning applications to their already-rich library of existing products and services,” said Drew Eginton, president, Marketswitch. “We’re very excited to take advantage of Experian’s depth and global reach to extend our advantage in the supply of high-scale optimization for B2C corporations.”

Marketswitch will operate as a product line within Experian-Scorex, the global decision solutions company. It will be offered as a stand-alone product and will also be integrated with Experian’s Strategy Management Generation 3 product offering. “This acquisition will enable us to strengthen and broaden the existing global working relationship between Experian and Marketswitch,” Aubrook added.

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Notes to editors

About Marketswitch

Founded in 1997, Marketswitch designs, develops, and sells decisioning software applications that maximize the value of every dollar spent on customers and prospects. Marketswitch first applied its customer-level optimisation technology to marketing optimisation and has expanded into risk management, collections, pricing and revenue optimisation. The Marketswitch TRUE Suite of outbound and real-time optimisation software products dynamically determines the right offer at the right price for the right customer through the right channel at the right time in batch or real-time. It does this while simultaneously satisfying real-world business constraints (such as limited budget, minimum sales, risk tolerance, or eligibility requirements) and meeting customer needs. Marketswitch TRUE Suite products are used in diverse industries such as financial services, communications, retail, and eCommerce by the world’s leading corporations, including Capital One, Discover Financial Services, Wells Fargo, The Abbey and Vodafone Sweden. For more information, please visit www.marketswitch.com.

About Experian

Experian is a global leader in providing information solutions to organisations and consumers. It helps organisations find, develop and manage profitable customer relationships by providing information, decision-making solutions and processing services. It empowers consumers to understand, manage and protect their personal information and assets. Experian works with more than 40,000 clients across diverse industries, including financial services, telecommunications, healthcare, insurance, retail and catalogue, automotive, manufacturing, leisure, utilities, property, e-commerce and government. Experian is a subsidiary of GUS plc and has headquarters in Nottingham, UK, and Costa Mesa, California. Its 13,000 people support clients in more than 60 countries. Annual sales exceed £1.2 billion.

For more information, visit the company’s website on www.experian.com.

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