The new GeleZAR app could help me buy a house

"I started my business two years ago, offering cleaning services to homes, businesses, shopping centres and schools. The business has already grown and I now employ six people. I live in a township outside Johannesburg and I’m really happy to be giving something back to my community as a lot of young people are unemployed.

Small businesses like mine can help to fuel the economy by providing more employment, but it can be hard for people to get started. I didn’t need a loan to start my business because we were able to use supplies we already had to clean at home. But a lot of people do. And where I come from it can be really hard to get credit because most people don’t have any financial
education or formal financial history.

I got the chance to learn about budgets and business plans when I took entrepreneurship training at the Jozi Business Hub. One of the first projects was to pitch a business plan to people from Experian and they went on to mentor me as I got my business up and running. That training really changed my life. I had always dreamed of running my own business and it gave me the confidence to turn my dream into a reality. 

When I helped Experian test out the new GeleZAR app, I thought it was a really good idea because it could help a lot more people learn how to set a budget, save money and run a business. It’s really exciting to think that in future it might help me get my credit score up too so I could buy a house. That is something I would love to do.”

- Josephine (South Africa)