Dividend and Tax Information

Latest dividend information

A first interim dividend of 17.00 US cents per ordinary share will be paid on 3 February 2023 to shareholders on the register at the close of business on 6 January 2023.

The £/$ exchange rate to be used to convert the first interim dividend payment from US dollars to sterling pounds, for those shareholders who did not elect by 6 January 2023 to receive payment in US dollars, will be £1 = $1.22215. Accordingly, the sterling amount of dividend payable on 3 February 2023 to such shareholders will be approximately 13.9099 pence per share.

The dividend payment timetable is outlined in our financial calendar.

A summary of dividends paid by Experian since listing as an independent company in 2006 appears below in the historical dividend information section and a handy dividend calculator can also be found using the navigation to the left.

Please see our FAQs section for further general information on dividends.

The taxation treatment of dividends received by Experian shareholders will depend on whether or not such shareholders receive their dividends directly from the Company or via the income access share arrangements as described below and on individual circumstances.

Income Access Share (IAS) arrangements

Shareholders who elect, or are deemed to have elected, to receive their dividends via the IAS arrangements will receive their dividends from a UK source (rather than directly from the Company) for UK tax purposes.

Shareholders who hold 50,000 or fewer Experian shares on the first dividend record date after they become shareholders, unless they elect otherwise, will be deemed to have elected to receive their dividends under the IAS arrangement.

Shareholders who hold more than 50,000 shares and who wish to receive their dividends from a UK source must make an IAS election to receive dividends via the IAS arrangements. All elections remain in force indefinitely unless revoked.

Unless shareholders have made an IAS election, or are deemed to have made an IAS election, dividends will be received from an Irish source and will be taxed accordingly.

UK tax on dividends

Dividends received from the Company

Any dividends paid by the Company directly will be subject to Irish dividend withholding tax of 25% unless an exemption applies under Irish domestic tax law and provided that the Company has received all necessary documentation required by the relevant legislation from the shareholder prior to payment of the dividend.

Individual shareholders who are (ordinarily) resident in the UK will generally be subject to UK income tax on the gross amount of any dividends paid by the Company before deduction of any Irish tax withheld.

Shareholders may also, depending on their individual circumstances, be able to claim a credit for any Irish withholding tax deducted. For further information on dividend withholding tax and about what declarations are required to be made in particular circumstances, shareholders should contact our registrar.

Dividends received via the IAS arrangements

Any dividends paid via the IAS arrangements will not be subject to any withholding tax. Individual shareholders who are (ordinarily) Resident in the UK will generally be subject to UK income tax on the gross amount of any dividends paid by the Company.

If you are a UK resident corporate shareholder, you will not normally be liable to corporation tax in respect of a UK dividend.

Shareholders should contact our registrar for further information on tax on dividends received via the IAS arrangements.

Tax vouchers

Shareholders who are eligible to receive a UK tax credit and who elect (or are deemed to elect) to receive dividends from the Company via the IAS arrangements will receive a UK tax credit and a tax voucher. The Company will issue one tax voucher each year to those shareholders who receive their dividends directly into their UK bank or building society account. If you lose your tax voucher you should contact the registrar, confirming which tax voucher has been lost. A duplicate will be issued upon payment of an administration charge.

Capital Gains Tax (CGT) 1982 value

Visit our FAQs section for the 1982 value of GUS plc shares for UK capital gains tax purposes.

Stamp duty

No UK or Irish stamp duty or UK stamp duty reserve tax should be payable on the transfer of any Experian shares, including where an election has been made to receive dividends via the Income Access Share arrangements, unless in the case of UK stamp duty an instrument of transfer in respect of the shares is executed in the UK.

US, Ireland, Jersey

If you are a shareholder resident in the US, Jersey or Ireland, please contact our registrar for tax information relating to your dividends.

Historical dividend information

The most recent Experian dividend history is outlined below and shows both the amount per share and payment dates.


  Dividend per share - US cents Payment date
  First interim Second interim Total First interim Second interim
  17.0     3 February 2023