About Us

We live in a world built on data; it is everywhere, growing in power and influence. At Experian we have always believed that data has the potential to transform lives and create a better tomorrow. To do this data needs to be understood, interpreted and the knowledge it holds acted on. We work to do just this: unlock the possibilities that data holds and help people and organisations realise the opportunities held within.

The role we play and what we do

The sheer amount of data and information available today might seem overwhelming. But we’re transforming this wealth of data into something meaningful. We’re gathering, analysing, combining and processing data to help you take control and achieve your personal goals, or to better understand and meet the needs of your customers.

Our four business activities

  • Credit Services

    We hold, protect and manage data that helps organisations to lend fairly, consistently and responsibly, and prevent fraud.

    Credit Services
  • Decision Analytics

    Our analytics unlock meaning within data, to help clients solve problems and drive better decisions and outcomes.

    Decision Analytics
  • Marketing Services

    We help businesses connect with their customers and give them great experiences.

    Marketing Services
  • Consumer Services

    We help millions of people in the US, UK and Brazil to manage and improve their financial status, and protect themselves against fraud and identity theft.

    Consumer Services

Our strategy

Our strategy is centred on delivering world-class expertise to organisations, transforming our relationship with consumers and delivering growth consistently, underpinned by foundations crucial to our success.

Our roots date back to the early 19th century