Our Business Activities

We’re discovering opportunities that make your day run smoother, your business grow and society prosper. Our 21,700 people work with millions of people, and thousands of organisations, from global businesses to local charities. We’re helping people around the world – in North America, Latin America, the UK, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific.


We help organisations and businesses to grow their businesses and engage with their customers.

We can help them to:

  • lend effectively, manage their customer accounts, manage credit risk and minimise the risk of fraud;
  • better understand and communicate with customers;
  • enhance their customer’s experience with them;
  • better understand their markets and allocate resources.

They benefit from easier and faster access to more information, more accurate results, and more precise decisions.

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Consumer Services

We’re putting people in control of their financial situation. We’re helping them understand and take control of their credit, so they can use it to get where they need to be. Along the way, we’re helping people protect themselves from identity theft and fraud. Today, millions of people in the USA, UK, India and Brazil can see their credit information online, so they can anticipate, act and plan for a better tomorrow... 

We help people and families to:

  • better access financial services;
  • understand and improve their financial position;
  • better protect against fraud and identity theft;
  • know that their data is correct, and
  • learn more about credit.

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