Louise Pentland

Louise Pentland (50) Non-executive director

Appointed to the Board on 1 November 2022.

Other current roles: Louise is a non-executive director of Hitachi, Ltd and Pacific Mutual Holding Company.

Skills and contribution: Louise brings significant legal and regulatory experience from technology and digital industries, and also has non-executive boardroom listed experience. Having spent many years as a senior executive at leading global technology companies, Louise has a deep understanding of business, law, human resources, leadership, innovation and culture.

Experience: Louise was most recently Executive Vice President and Senior Adviser to the CEO at PayPal Holdings, Inc. Responsibilities included leading its legal and regulatory requirements across all markets working with international regulators, overseeing PayPal's Environmental, Social and Governance strategy and impact, running the Human Resources function and leading intellectual property and innovation activities. Prior to PayPal, she held a wide range of senior roles at Nokia Corporation, and had also spent time at Avon Cosmetics following qualification as a solicitor.