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Our Approach to CR

Experian’s business is at the heart of society

Experian’s biggest impact comes from the heart of our business – technology, data, insight and people. These enable us to make a big contribution to society through creating economic value, empowering communities and supporting growth.

We are a key part of many consumer economies and our reach is global. We employ more than 16,000 people and operate in 39 countries. A Group of our size generates huge economic value, which we share with our stakeholders as we create jobs, buy goods and services from suppliers, invest in communities and reward investors with dividends.

We draw on our core skills and distinctive capabilities to help create successful businesses, empower consumers, improve public services and – by working with the right partners – enable communities to develop their social and economic potential, which particularly benefits the most vulnerable people in society and in emerging markets.

We believe the social and economic health of the communities we serve and our business growth are inextricably linked. This means corporate responsibility is integral to protecting our licence to operate and to supporting our commercial strategy framework, which is to:

  • focus on data and analytics;
  • drive profitable growth; and
  • optimise capital efficiency.

A year of transformation

We have further developed our overall approach to corporate responsibility, building on the successful launch of our Heart of Experian Social Responsibility programme to leverage the greatest sustainable impact from what our business does best.

Through our Social Responsibility programme, we are engaging our business under a global unifying theme that excites Experian’s leaders from every region and encourages our people to contribute. We sought themes that would build on our CR achievements to date and allow us to use our unique capabilities and assets, to promote inclusive and economically vibrant communities.

To achieve its objective of empowering communities, both socially and economically, the Heart of Experian Social Responsibility programme is focused on:

  • Fostering financial inclusion:
    Enabling the most vulnerable people in society to access financial services.
  • Promoting financial education:
    Providing the disadvantaged with the financial knowledge to prosper.
  • Supporting small business entrepreneurs:
    Helping micro and small businesses to grow and thrive. By establishing these values across Experian, we have now taken another significant step to evolve our approach to CR, so that it resonates even more strongly with our business, our people and the communities around us.

Case study:

Fostering financial inclusion through Prove ID, India

In India we are working with the government to address social exclusion and inequality by helping provide residents with the ability to prove their identity.

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