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Principal Activities

Experian’s activities are grouped into four global business lines.

Credit Services

Credit Services provides information to organisations to help them manage the risks associated with extending credit and preventing fraud. Experian has developed core expertise in building and managing very large and comprehensive databases containing the credit applications and repayment histories of millions of consumers and businesses around the world. More about Credit Services

Decision Analytics

Decision Analytics unlocks the value of Experian’s vast databases of credit and marketing information, as well as its clients’ data, applying expert consulting, analytical tools, software and systems to help its clients solve complex problems and make valuable business decisions. More about Decision Analytics

Marketing Services

Marketing Services provides data, data quality, analytics and cross-channel campaign management to help its clients better interact with their customers, and increase customer revenue and loyalty. More about Marketing Services

Consumer Services

Consumer Services provides credit monitoring, fraud protection and identity management services to millions of consumers in the US and UK. We enable consumers to monitor the accuracy of their credit report online, to check their credit score and protect themselves against fraud and identity theft. More about Consumer Services