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18 September 2018

Mortgage application process is the biggest hurdle when buying a house

Mortgage application p...

Nearly a quarter of homeowners believe the mortgage application process is the biggest challenge when buying a house, followed by securing a deposit

05 September 2018

Experian Study: Consumers looking for greater financial control in...

United States

Financial experiences are a top pain point for 94 percent of consumers

04 September 2018

Özel Caninsan Experian Türkiye ve Orta Doğu Proje Müdürü Oldu


Experian Türkiye’de, üst düzey atamalar devam ediyor. Bilişim ve telekom sektöründe 20 yılı aşkın tecrübesiyle Özel Caninsan, Experian Türkiye ve Orta Doğu Proje Müdürü olarak atandı.

31 August 2018

The UK’s most ‘data excellent’ companies revealed

United Kingdom

Experian sponsored award recognises businesses leading the way in data innovation

30 August 2018

Experian finds consumers are doing a better job of making on-time c...

United States

Gap between new and used payments continues to widen as average monthly payments reach new highs

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