Working with integrity

Working with integrity is one of our core values and central to The Experian Way of working. Our Global Code of Conduct, available in several languages, sets out clear guidance to help everyone at Experian make the right decisions. This year, we updated the Code to strengthen our guidance in key areas such as human rights and facilitation payments.

The Global Code of Conduct is supported by detailed policies on specific topics such as anti-corruption, conflicts of interest, gifts and hospitality, fraud management, complaint management, fair treatment of vulnerable consumers, product development and marketing, whistleblowing and tax.

We are committed to creating and maintaining a robust, effective and appropriate control environment to recognise where opportunities for financial crime exist and mitigate the associated risk. We establish and maintain processes and procedures to monitor, detect and prevent acts of financial crime against Experian by third parties or employees, or through the unlawful use of or access to its products, services or data. If any financial crime is detected that has been committed by Experian employees, we will take appropriate disciplinary and legal action against the individual or individuals involved. Our commitment to doing business responsibly includes our approach to tax.

For several years, we have published our Tax Policy, which explains how we approach our tax affairs. As part of our commitment to increasing transparency, we have this year gone a step further and published a Tax Report , which explains our approach to tax governance and how we deal with our tax affairs, and provides more information on our tax contribution.

More information about our approach to Working with integrity, which includes our approaches to anti-bribery and corruption, training and compliance, respecting human rights, tackling modern slavery, and partnering with suppliers, can be found on pages 62-64 of our Annual Report.

Other relevant resources include the following: