Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB)

We started reporting against the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) standards for the first time for FY21. The Index below shows our reporting against the SASB metrics for the professional and commercial services sector for FY22.



    Data Security

Activity Metric



Description of approach to identifying and addressing data security risks


See the Data security section of our Annual Report (pages 50-52).

Description of policies and practices relating to collection, usage, and retention of customer information


See the Treating data with respect section of our Annual Report (pages 50-54), which includes our Global Data Principles. This section details the processes we follow to ensure accuracy of data (page 52), the regulations we comply with (page 53) and the consumer websites where we detail our approach to data privacy.

Number of data breaches, percentage involving customers’ confidential business information or personally identifiable information, and number of customers affected


In the event of a serious breach, we would disclose information about the incident and commit to contact any affected data subjects in a timely way. We do not publicly disclose vulnerabilities or lapses due to client sensitivities. To the extent that any relevant regulator should find fault with our data breach management and/or data security practices, they will publish their findings/sanctions. There were no such findings or sanctions in FY22.


    Workforce Diversity and Engagement

Activity Metric



% of gender and racial/ethnic group representation for executive management and all other employees


We report gender and racial/ethnic diversity in the data tables available on our website, with our US racial/ethnic diversity shown in accordance with the EEO-1 categories. More information on our diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) principles, approach and programmes to foster workplace diversity and engagement can be found in the Inspiring and supporting our people section of our Annual Report (pages 56-61) and in our DEI Report.

Voluntary and involuntary turnover rate for employees


We report both voluntary and involuntary turnover rates in the data tables available on our website.

Employee engagement (%)


We report employee engagement as one of our key performance indicators for the business. See the Inspiring and supporting our people section of our Annual Report (pages 56-61) and the data tables available on our website. Our global employee engagement score in the FY22 survey was 78%. From 2021 we switched our engagement survey from Korn Ferry to Great Place To Work; the questions are very similar in sentiment but not like-for-like.


    Professional Integrity

Activity Metric



Description of approach to ensuring professional integrity


See our Data Principles (page 50) and the Working with integrity section of our Annual Report on (pages 62-63). This latter section outlines the importance of our Global Code of Conduct, designed to give everyone a clear understanding of our approach to professional and ethical standards and ensure employees all know exactly what’s expected of them individually and the role they play in helping Experian live up to those standards. This Code has been approved by the Experian plc Board and we’re fully committed to implementing it across our business.

Total amount of monetary losses as a result of legal proceedings associated with professional integrity


Material monetary losses associated with legal proceedings, sanctions or fines that are a matter of public record are disclosed in our Annual Report (see page 185). In the case of pending and threatened litigation claims, management applies judgment as to the likelihood of ultimate liability and recognises the liability where the likelihood of potential loss arising is possible rather than probable and having a potentially material impact.


    Activity metrics

Activity Metric



Number of employees: full-time and part-time, temporary and contract


We report this data in the ESG performance data tables available on our website.

Employee hours worked and % billable


Not applicable to our business.