The Serasa truck is helping me clear my debts

"When I split up with my partner, I needed a place for me and my baby boy to live. I applied for housing benefit, but I was told I couldn’t get it because I had outstanding bank loans. I was horrified. I knew nothing about these loans. 

It turned out that my ex had taken the money from my account and now I was saddled with this debt. I had no choice but to start repaying the loans so I could clear my name. Then the company I had been working for went bust so I couldn’t make the repayments anymore. The debt rapidly mounted up because the interest rate was so high. I was struggling just to pay the rent and keep the lights on so my son and I had to move in with my brother.

I applied for lots of jobs, but when they checked my CPF (national identity) number they could see I had unpaid debts and they thought I was untrustworthy. Then one day I came out of a job interview and saw the Serasa Itinerant truck. I went in and explained my situation. The people there were really helpful. They helped me renegotiate with the banks to get my debt down to a more manageable amount. 

I'm thankful that I took the initiative to go into that truck. It helped me clear my name and restore my self-esteem. I’ll finally be free to follow my dreams – to progress my career or maybe start my own clothes shop one day. Serasa Itinerant has opened the door to a better quality of life for me and my son.”

- Simone (from Brazil)