Volunteered to help people take control of unmanageable debts

"It was an amazing experience being able to help the people who came to the Limpa Nome fair in search of support to improve their financial lives. One man’s story, in particular, caught my attention. He arrived with his head down, asking if I could explain his credit score and the pending issues linked to his Individual Taxpayer’s Registration (CPF).

"He was almost crying as he told me it was people from his own family who had racked up debts in his name and the situation had driven him into a depression. I told him we were there to help and talked him through what the score meant, what the pending issues were and the opportunities that were available to renegotiate his debt.

"By the time we finished talking, he had a beautiful smile on his face. It was a great feeling to be able to bring him, and others like him, a little hope by helping them renegotiate unmanageable debts and take control of their financial lives.”

- Ana (Experian volunteer from our data team in São Carlos)

More than 63 million people in Brazil have unmanageable debts that are affecting their credit rating.

Our Limpa Nome debt recovery portal has helped more than 14 million Brazilians renegotiate debts since its launch in 2013. This year alone, it reached 5 million people and helped renegotiate US$422m worth of debts. Limpa Nome is our most successful social innovation product to date, both in terms of societal impact and revenue. It’s generated over US$33m for our business so far. To raise awareness and support more people, our teams in Brazil have been reaching out to communities across the country, including those remote areas without internet access. Over the last two years, our Serasa Itinerant truck and boat have reached more than 215,000 people.

Building on this outreach support, we ran a major community investment initiative this year, asking employees to take time out from their day jobs to offer
in-person support. More than 300 specially-trained Experian volunteers took to the streets of four cities in November 2019 to help people take control of their debts. Together, they volunteered over 3,400 hours, supporting 22,000 consumers through a week-long pop-up event in downtown São Paulo and going out on specially-equipped bicycles to help a further 2,000 people in São Paulo, São Carlos, Blumenau and Rio de Janeiro. Supported by a wider online campaign and the Limpa Nome portal, the month-long recovery fair helped more than 2 million people resolve nearly 3.5 million debts. Some negotiated discounts of up to 98% to help them pay their debts.