Data and Assurance

We measure our performance through a range of metrics and have provided them all in one place to help our stakeholders see how we’re doing.

Click here to download a PDF of our 2016 CR performance data.

We use external assurance to provide confidence that we are accurately reporting our performance. We believe that putting our systems and processes through third party review helps us enhance the trust stakeholders have with us.

PwC is our external assurance provider. You can download the Independent Limited Assurance Report here.

We report our data aligned to our 2016 Reporting Principles and Methodologies, which covers all our CR Performance metrics including those assured by PwC. You can view the 2016 version here.

For the 2015 documents, please link directly to Reporting Principles and Methodologies, PwC Assurance Report and CR performance data.

Prior to 2015 this information was included in the CR Reports from those years, which you may find here.