Today's Experian

Powering opportunities to create a better tomorrow

A Message from our CEO, Brian Cassin

For more than 100 years, Experian has been using the power of data to transform lives, businesses and economies for the better. And never before has data’s potential been so great.

Once seen as a by-product of technological advancements, data today is driving advancements of all kinds. It’s driving global economic growth and spurring innovation. It’s why hundreds of millions of people now have access to critical financial services and tens of thousands of businesses are better managing risk and reaching new customers.

Buying a home or car, funding an education, climbing out of debt, protecting one’s identity and credit, growing a business. Every day, around the world, people do these important things to improve their lives and realise their life ambitions.

At Experian, we’re there to help at every step of the way. Our innovative products, services and use of data and technology enable consumers and businesses to make critical decisions and achieve the best possible outcomes — whether it’s securing the lowest loan interest rate, preventing identity theft and fraud, or simplifying the healthcare payments process.

As data’s potential grows, so do people’s expectations. Increasingly, we want more access to and control of our personal data to improve our lives and futures. This is changing how our company and our clients do business.           

We recognise our role and responsibility... using data to create better outcomes. That’s why we have continuously evolved our business to put our customers (both business clients and consumers) at the centre of all our plans. It’s not a new direction, but one we’ve been pursuing for some time.

Today we are proud to showcase our evolution with the introduction of our new brand. It signals our clear idea and purpose — powering opportunities and helping to create a better tomorrow—for people, businesses and society. It also acknowledges our broader understanding of the important role we play as a force for good.

Our new brand symbolises how we bring together billions of individual records, link and analyse them across millions of attributes, and package them into usable information so consumers and businesses can make smarter decisions in the blink of an eye.

At Experian, the possibilities of our good work are endless. I welcome you to join us on our journey to power opportunities in new ways for more people across the globe. We are committed to working responsibly and ethically, emphasising transparency, and cultivating a direct relationship with all our customers so that everyone benefits.

And our evolution will continue as we further invest in data sources, technology, and our people and communities to help create a better tomorrow.

Brian Cassin

Chief Executive Officer, Experian plc