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20 November 2017

Data driving the UK’s £5.8bn ‘Santa Economy’

United Kingdom

Experian set to validate over 500 addresses per second during peak shopping season. As logistics employment rate outpaces UK average.

23 March 2017

Data quality issues are impacting consumer trust and perception

United Kingdom

48% of businesses aren’t ready for new data regulations. 64% think inaccurate data is undermining their ability to provide an excellent customer experience

21 November 2016

Fraudsters ready to swoop on Christmas shopping spree

United Kingdom

Savings account fraud has hit an all-time high - Experian urges Brits to beware festive fraudsters a...

25 July 2016

7.5 million people are being left behind in the tech revolution

United Kingdom

Experian uses new research to map out Britain’s digital landscape

09 May 2016

UK’s ageing population experiencing an increasingly ‘ranging retire...

United Kingdom

Gap is widening between rich and poor in retirement – North/South divide is evident. Better-off retirees heading for affluent suburbs, market and cathedral towns

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