Helping people manage and clear their debts

“Today… we helped Fabio finally get some sleep by helping him clear his debt.”

"When I heard Fabio’s story, I realised that we were really helping people. It wasn’t just something we were imagining anymore, it was actually happening.  

I’m the product manager of Limpa Nome in Brazil. We developed the online recovery portal to help people manage and clear their debts. It’s especially important in Brazil because, if you have debts, we say you have a ‘nome sujo’. Literally translated, it means ‘dirty name’. And if you have this negative name, it’s impossible to get credit for anything – for a car, a house, for anything.  

That’s what it was like for Fabio. A colleague of mine called Egle spoke to him first. I sat down with Egle at her desk one afternoon to hear about him. Fabio had some debt with Itaú bank. It had been building up for six months or so, and it was getting more and more unmanageable until there was no chance that he could pay it back. He was really upset about it. He said he couldn’t sleep.  

Fabio thought he’d have to spend hours in a bank or a collection agency, speaking to them and getting them to negotiate with the lender for him. He spends at least four hours driving to and from work each day – from Mogi das Cruzes to São Bernardo do Campo and then back again. So time really matters for him, and there just wasn’t enough of it for him to sort his debt. I think it must have been a very difficult situation.  

He said he was looking on Google for some kind of help, and then he saw Limpa Nome from Serasa Experian. He enrolled on our website, and it showed the debt he owed Itaú. It also showed a contact number for Itaú bank. So he rang and spoke to them directly. They made a special condition for him – instead of paying R$1,000 in one month, he could pay R$70 a month until he’d paid it all back. In ten minutes, it was sorted – he had a clear name. That’s what ‘Limpa Nome’ means.  

When I heard this I was very, very happy – it was so good to hear we’re making a difference. I actually spoke to Fabio on the phone after this. He said he’d been telling everyone about how the portal helped him. He thought it was really good that Serasa were doing this, that they were helping consumers with this free portal. I think he was a bit surprised by it too – a lot of people see us negatively because they think we’re just about debt. So I was glad when Fabio said, ‘It’s great that, because of Limpa Nome, I have a clear name.’ It shows that, you know, we’re really helping people. It’s what motivates me to do more."  

- Lucas Lopes Serasa Experian 

Every day… our online recovery portal in Brazil lets people make their debts more manageable, pay them back, and clear their names – with just a few clicks.