Helping entrepreneurs turn ideas into reality

“Today… we helped a young entrepreneur in Johannesburg turn her business idea into a reality.”

"I’m less than a month away from launching my own business, and it’s so exciting.  

When I first heard about the Jozi Business Hub, I was studying IT in Diepsloot, Johannesburg. I’d told Alef, who ran the IT course, all about my future plans – to set up my own business. He runs the Hub, too, and he told me I should join so I could get all the training I’d need to be an entrepreneur. It took a lot of convincing – I’m only 20, so I was really keen to work first. But now I’m less than a month away from launching my own business, and it’s so exciting. 

I went along for the first day of training about two months ago. The Hub’s just down the road from where I was on my IT course – it’s at the Rhiza Babuyile office. They’re the non-profit organisation that runs the Business Hub, with support from partners like Experian. 

There were 20 of us in the class, in a bright room with desks and computers like an office. We looked through newspapers, trying to identify some kind of problem that a business idea could fix. I saw a headline, ‘I just want to shop,’ and I had an idea. I wanted to set up a shopping service, where I’d shop for elderly people, young adults and street vendors. Some other entrepreneurs in the class really liked the idea, so we started working together on it.  

Some people from Experian came to hear about our business ideas. They helped us work through the details of our business process: we’d use social media, SMS and emails so our clients could send us a list of the items they need, like fruit and vegetables. Then we’d do the shopping and deliver it to their store or their home.  

As part of the training, we went to an event called The Business Expo. Experian were doing free credit checks for everyone there. I found it very useful – a good credit record is very important for me, especially for setting up a business. Otherwise getting a loan would be almost impossible. Actually, the final thing that’s helping us get this business off the ground is a loan. The Hub and its partners are helping us with that, too.  

The people from Experian were really enthusiastic about our ideas – they couldn’t wait for us to put them into action. They still check in now and then to see how we’re doing.  

It makes me feel humble, because a lot of people my age aren’t getting the opportunity I’ve received. Lots of them are struggling. So to know that, in the next few weeks, I’ll have my own company, it’s really incredible."

- Josephine Morake Entrepreneur in South Africa