Protecting identities in the UK

Despite the precautions that people and businesses can take to protect their data and privacy, unfortunately, identify theft remains one of the fastest growing crimes. We have dedicated teams to provide advice and support to help people resolve issues with their credit profile and protect themselves from fraud in the future. Unfortunately, Sarah Stead in the UK became a victim of fraud. Here’s her story…

“When I found out that someone had been stealing my post and applying for £10,000 loans in my name, it was pretty stressful. I immediately renewed my CreditExpert membership to check the activity on my credit profile and asked Experian for help. They were really empathetic and willing to listen, and it was reassuring to know I could call them whenever I needed support. 

The Experian team helped me remove the fraudulent activity from my credit profile, and advised me on how to get issues resolved quickly with the banks. I would never have thought to check my blogs and social media profiles to remove personal information that could be used by fraudsters, but they gave me lots of tips about how to protect myself from further fraud. 

I’ve been checking CreditExpert regularly and it’s all sorted now, but I know that if anything like this happens again, Experian’s Victims of Fraud team will be there to help me.”