You’ve decorated the nursery, bought the baby clothes and your doctor has booked your hospital stay. 

How Experian helps

  • In the US, our healthcare payments service provides data and software to physician practices and hospitals, helping to simplify the administrative process, and helping to give you the transparency you need with your healthcare payment obligations.

Two weeks before your due date, the hospital calls you. It’s a patient counsellor, who wants to welcome you as a new patient and discuss some administrative details. She checks your name and insurance number, and confirms that you plan to stay in the postnatal wing for two days after the birth.

The counsellor runs through the likely charges you’ll have to cover. The hospital’s system links directly to your insurance provider, so the counsellor double-checks these charges while you’re on the phone.

Based on your financial circumstances, the counsellor suggests an instalment plan that spreads the cost over the next six months. That’s a great idea. It won’t put too big a dent in your finances, especially as you’ll be down to just one income after the baby arrives.

Two days later, you receive your welcome pack from the hospital, which includes a statement showing your estimated financial responsibility. You check the details and everything is clear and understandable. Great, one less thing to worry about.