It’s been a long day. After dinner, you notice a TV ad with a good deal on new smartphones. You reach for your tablet and go online to connect with your friends and ask which phone brands they like. A banner ad from your current provider reminding you it’s probably time to upgrade your old phone takes you to its website, where you browse the latest models.

How Experian helps

  • We help companies to engage with you at your convenience and through your preferred channel, making it easier for you to find goods and services you’re most likely to be interested in. Our high-quality data and analytics save you time by pre-qualifying you for the most appropriate offer and by accurately filling in your address details, and our robust verification checks at the point of sale help to prevent someone else from taking out credit in your name.

The next day, you head to your provider’s store and pick out a new phone. The sales assistant couldn’t be more helpful and once you have identified yourself with some basic details, they know which mobile bundle to offer you so you spend less time on selection.

He offers you a buy-back discount on your current phone, takes a few more details, including your full name and postcode, which you verify with your driver’s licence, and then suggests, based on your financial situation, that you spread your payments for the new phone over 12 months. You’re in and out within 30 minutes.

A couple of days later you receive a thank you email for upgrading, along with a 50% discount on broadband and accessories that perfectly pair with your new phone. That’s a good offer. What a useful, easy-to-deal-with company.