And what do your customers want right now? They want the newest, sleekest, hottest designs, which are gracing red carpets and worn by the celebrities they love. Lucky then that you’ve just pulled off a major coup, by signing one of the fashion world’s best designers. She’s creating a pop-up collection of men’s and women’s clothing, especially to celebrate the opening of your new flagship store.

How Experian helps…

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There’s a lot to do in just two months. The opening is coming up, you’re sponsoring Fashion Week and this collection has to be launched.

To create some buzz, you decide to release an exclusive teaser campaign, giving existing customers a sneak preview of the first designs and the chance to win tickets to the Fashion Week launch.

The reaction’s incredible – your customers love the new designs. And it’s gone global, with people around the world visiting your website to pre-order.

The collection is a massive success. Sales are up 30% and your designer wants to create next year’s collection. That’s great news. Everything’s gone even better than you’d hoped.