It contained your ID, your credit cards, everything. You immediately call your bank. To check your identity, they ask you some questions that only you can answer. Then the bank cancels your credit cards and orders new ones for you. All sorted. 

How Experian helps

  • Our data and analytics help to authenticate your identity when you interact with providers and buy online, so only you can access and use your accounts, or sign up for a new one. Our identity protection services, such as ProtectMyID, help provide you with identity theft detection and protection features and, should the worst happen, dedicated identity fraud resolution experts.

A couple of weeks later, your favourite department store calls to ask if you’ve moved house. You haven’t – what’s going on? It turns out that you’d forgotten your department store credit card was in your wallet. Someone has tried to use it to buy a designer handbag through the store’s website, using a mobile phone in another country. If the store hadn’t spotted it, you would have had a very large bill. They cancel your card and order you a new one.

You wonder what else could happen. The information in your wallet included your full name, date of birth and postal address. You decide to call your local consumer credit bureau and explain what’s happened. They suggest that you put a flag on your credit report, so that if someone tries to obtain credit under your name, extra checks can be run to make sure it’s a genuine application. Peace of mind.