The area’s nice but you’re getting a little tired of picking up after them and now one of them has sneakily moved in his girlfriend, without even asking. It’s time to get your own place.

How Experian helps…

  • Our credit bureaux provide credit reports and scores to banks and other institutions that show how you’ve managed your past and current credit obligations. This means that they can give you the credit that you deserve and that you can afford to pay back.

An area close by really appeals to you. It’s got some cool bars, a big supermarket, great transport links and that edgy vibe you like.

You’ve found a property there that ticks all the boxes: two big bedrooms, lots of storage space and nice neighbours. It’s a bit tired around the edges but nothing that a coat of paint won’t fix.

You think you’ve saved enough for a deposit but you’re wondering how easy it will be to apply for a mortgage. What information will you need? Can you afford the repayments? And how long should you take it out for? This calls for more research.

Going online, you use your bank’s mortgage calculator. At first glance it looks good – your mortgage repayments will be less than your current rent. So you start the mortgage process online, filling in your salary information, how much you want to borrow and your deposit amount. The bank responds within seconds. They don’t think the mortgage will be a problem but you’ll need to verify the information you’ve given them. Wow, that was quick!

Once you’ve sent them the information they need, it’s looking good that you’ll get that mortgage. Then you’ll finally have a place you can call your own…