You’re a small, growing business that supplies independent shops with artisan bread and milk from local farmers. Over the years, you’ve got to know and trust the shop owners. Now you want to expand into a new district. No one is supplying similar products there and having checked the size of the market and identified ideal target companies, you think there’ll be good demand.

How Experian helps

  • Our credit data and predictive analytics help you to get the credit you deserve, and protect, manage and grow your business. Our easy to use, online tools like BusinessIQ and Business Express help you make real-time decisions, processing new applications, managing customer relationships and managing cash flow.

You have managed your business’s finances well so when the bank reviews your credit history they quickly agree a loan for a new delivery truck. Having identified all of the companies who could buy your produce, you focus your marketing on those with good credit scores to ensure any new customers are able to pay. This also tells you something about the owners, as you know that small businesses are often funded by the owner’s personal credit. You contact the businesses that meet your criteria and the responses look promising.

Two months later, your sales are up 20% and you’re repaying the bank loan. Only one new customer has missed a payment and you caught it before it became a bigger problem, after you were alerted to a change in their credit status.