You find a car you like online. It’s the right shade of blue and has the sunroof you wanted. You call the owner and arrange to take it for a test drive. It handles like a dream.

How Experian helps

  • Our vehicle history service, AutoCheck in the US and VehicleCheck in the UK, helps you understand the history of a used car, including if it has been written off, whether it has mileage discrepancy, if it may have outstanding finance or has been reported as stolen. Our reports help you buy with confidence.

The owner seems genuine but you want to know more about the car’s history before handing over the cash. After all, it’s a significant investment and you’ve saved hard for months.

You run a car history check and find that the car was in an accident last year and registered as a write-off. The car should never have returned to the road after the accident. It also appears that there may be some outstanding finance on the vehicle. You ask the owner about it but she will not provide documentation that the finance is paid off; so it could potentially be repossessed at any time and you’ll be out of pocket.

You walk away from this one. There’s another car you have your eye on, this time in red.