The Experian Green Challenge

We have made good progress addressing our corporate environmental responsibilities:

Energy use from our buildings (per US$1,000 of sales) has reduced by 24% since 2008. But as opportunities for investment in measures to improve the environmental programme become fewer, colleagues’ behaviours have a greater role to play. The Experian Green Challenge was developed to encourage teams from around the world to get involved, forming a responsive network of colleagues to help achieve our environmental commitments. Between November 2012 and January 2013 colleagues were invited to register in self-organised teams to be presented with a series of environmental challenges.

Points were awarded for the best performing teams and we pledged donations to the Red Cross as an incentive for participation and as a reward for winning teams. Around 1,000 of Experian’s 17,400 people participated directly in 126 teams across 20 countries. Many more were influenced by office discussions and the project’s communications and US$4,000 was raised for The Red Cross. The whole programme was enabled by social media; it was hosted on our Intranet site “Zoom”, and it benefited from senior leadership support. Over 3,000 employees regularly visited the Challenge page to find out more and a steady flow of updates kept things lively.

Hundreds of pictures and videos were shared by participants. The project tracked its results carefully. Team members answered questionnaires about energy, waste, water and work habits each month, to measure changing behaviour.

There was an improvement across all areas, with average scores measuring environmental awareness and behaviour rising from 57% to 68%. The qualitative results were outstanding, with photos, stories and videos flooding in from around the world. From Costa Rica to California, and Monaco to Madrid, colleagues said that being part of a global project, but in a local team, was a motivating force for them.

As we plan the legacy of the project we have termed the phrase “Green for Good” because we know we have changed the behaviour and outlook of a large number of Experian colleagues.