Economic resilience

Experian has a partnership with Nottingham's City Council and its wider local government team, 'One Nottingham', which tackles inequality. As part of a programme of events to support the city and its people through the economic downturn, Experian suggested a series of high-profile-events to promote debt awareness.

With Experian acting as a main partner this Debt Awareness Campaign was initiated in 2009 and ran for a year, with events, information and practical support to help local people, as well as local businesses, through the recession.

In addition, Experian has been integral to the Council's Economic Resilience (ER) programme. Our Chairman, Sir John Peace is Chairman of the Economic Resilience Forum led by the Council's Chief Executive Jane Todd. The Forum is a unique partnership between the City Council, local businesses and the education sector and has developed a robust approach to focusing on the key issues for the city, leveraging data provided by Experian and other participants. Sir John commented: "We are pleased to be able to use our insight to help the Council prioritise around the key issues that will allow Nottingham to weather the recession successfully. As a major local employer, we are very much committed to doing whatever we can to support the community and help people cope with these challenging times."