We are focused on a clear purpose – to create a better tomorrow for consumers, for businesses, for our people and for our communities.

Experian is a company proudly built on purpose. Our purpose is central to our brand, articulated by our people and mutually reinforced by our culture – it is explicitly bound to everything we do.

Millions of people worldwide are still excluded from accessing fair and affordable credit because they are invisible to the financial system. It is our social mission to improve financial inclusion, because access to credit opens up opportunities for people to transform their lives.

We recognise that we play a pivotal role in society and we have a responsibility to use data as a force for good. Our people put this into action every day, by developing capabilities and using their expertise to help millions manage their financial lives.

Brian Cassin
Chief Executive Officer

Performance highlights in 2022



(2021: US$5,372m)


Operating profit


(2021: US$1,183m)


Profit before tax


(2021: US$1,077m)


Basic EPS 

USc127.5      +23%*

(2021: USc88.2)


*Growth at constant rates

The results for the year ended 31 March 2021 have been re-presented for the reclassification to exited business activities of certain B2B businesses.


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We play a vital role for

Helping individuals better understand their financial position, take control of their finances and manage their financial health.

Helping businesses to make faster, smarter decisions. Enabling them to lend responsibly, more fairly and quickly, reduce risk, and deliver a better customer experience.

Using data to help the most vulnerable in society gain access to credit, improve financial literacy and confidence, and support economic growth.

Our people
Creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace where everyone can thrive and bring their best selves to work.

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Certain financial data has been rounded in this report. As a result, the totals of data presented may vary slightly from the actual arithmetic totals of the data.

Exchange rates
Principal exchange rates used are given in note 10 to the Group financial statements. The average pound sterling to US dollar rate is 1.37 (2021: 1.31).



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