Investing for Growth

Our roots lie in providing credit information in the assessment of risks associated with lending. While this remains a cornerstone of our business, today we do much more. As well as acting for lenders, we serve individuals, telecommunications companies, governments, the automotive sector, US hospitals and many other industries.

Every day, the world creates vast quantities of data. As people and organisations seek to derive meaning and usefulness from this data, we can open up new opportunities for new and existing customers and for consumers. We continually invest in new ways to extract meaning from data, so that we may offer our customers fresh ideas. This helps millions of people to arrange loans, fight fraud, shop with confidence, get the right phone contract or secure the benefits they are entitled to.

Growing demand for our services has led us to expand beyond our roots in the UK and US, and today we operate in 43 countries, employing 20,600 people.

We see significant potential to grow further by investing in our people, data and the science of interpreting data. This allows us to take our expertise into new markets, to introduce products that help our existing customers and to reach new customer groups whose needs are just emerging. By putting our customers first and investing in new tools and technologies we aim to build on our strong financial record and create further opportunities for all our stakeholders.

Experian plc is listed on the London Stock Exchange (EXPN). View our latest investor presentation for more information.