Relations with Shareholders and Others

Relations with shareholders and others

Set out below are some of the ways in which the Company interacts with investors and others, and keeps abreast of their views: 

Board - an investor relations and media report is circulated before every Board meeting and contains a commentary on the investment community’s perception of the Company, media reports, share price performance and analysis.

Engagement with investorsover the year, both Roger Davis, as chairman of the Remuneration Committee and our reward team, consulted with our major investors and institutional investor bodies in relation to Experian’s executive remuneration arrangements. In November 2016 and again in May 2017, we wrote to approximately 25 of our largest shareholders and to institutional investor bodies to gather feedback on a limited number of changes being proposed to out Director’s remuneration policy. We received little feedback on these letters, but much of the feedback we did receive was largely positive. 

Investors and analysts - the executive team has an ongoing programme of dialogue and meetings with institutional investors and analysts, at which they discuss a wide range of issues including strategy, performance, management and governance, within the constraints of information already made public. We also have an active programme of engaging with investors through engaging with investors through industry conferences and by hosting events with members of the senior management team. The announcements of the annual and half-year results and trading updates provide opportunities for us to answer questions from analysts, covering a wide range of topics. Investor roadshows took place during the year in Boston, Frankfurt, London, New York, Paris and Toronto. 

Annual General Meeting – the AGM provides a valuable opportunity for the Board to communicate with shareholders and to meet them informally before the main business of the meeting. All directors, with the exception of Paul Walker, attended the 2017 AGM, including the Audit, Remuneration, and Nomination and Corporate Governance Committee chairmen. 

The 2018 AGM will take place on Wednesday 18 July 2018 in Dublin. Shareholders are encouraged to attend and to use the opportunity to ask questions. However, if it is not practical for shareholders to attend, we encourage them to use proxy voting on the resolutions put forward, all of which (with the exception of procedural resolutions) are taken by a poll. In 2017, voting levels at the AGM were 74% of the Company’s issued share capital, compared with 72% in 2016. 

Private shareholders – the Company Secretary, Charles Brown, oversees communication with private shareholders, and ensures direct responses as appropriate in respect of any matters raised by shareholders. The Company issues a ‘Shareholder Questions’ card each year, with the AGM documentation. Charles ensures that the Company responds to shareholders directly, as appropriate, either at or following the meeting. 

Website – our website is an important channel for communicating with shareholders. All material information reported to the regulatory news services is published there, together with copies of annual and half-year results announcements and trading updates. 

Investor relations app – this contains information on our financial performance, together with reports, presentations and news of upcoming events.