Don Robert

Don Robert (59) Chairman.

Appointed to the Board on 6 July 2006, and as Chairman on 16 July 2014.

Key/other roles: Don is a non-executive director (and Chairman-designate) of London Stock Exchange Group plc. He is also a Member of Court at the Bank of England.

Skills and experience: Prior to his appointment as Chairman, Don was Experian’s Chief Executive Officer and previously Chief Executive Officer of Experian North America, giving him a deep insight into the Experian business. Don has extensive international business expertise, as well as more recent regulatory knowledge gained with his Bank of England role, and he ensures that the Experian Board culture is one of robust debate, openness and transparency. He previously held senior roles in The First American Corporation and was President of Credco, Inc., former chairman of the US Consumer Data Industry Association, trustee of Sage Hill School, California, a director and trustee of the National Education and Employer Partnership Taskforce, and a Non-executive director (and Senior Independent Director) at Compass Group PLC.