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Experian People

Here you can read about the experiences of employees in their own words and find out what it’s really like to work at Experian.

Regina Gray - Vice President of Strategic Insight Services, North America

"Experian is an ever-changing and growing business and I enjoy working proactively with our clients, supporting them with our products and services to help them make great business decisions."

Regina joined Experian as an entry-level statistician and since then has taken on a series of challenging positions within our businesses and is now our Vice President of Strategic Insight Services for Marketing Analytics based in New Jersey in the US.

"In 1999, after six years of a successful career in education, teaching mathematics and statistics, I decided I wanted to take my career in a very different direction. Experian offered, and continues to offer me, a challenging working environment where I am able to tackle diverse challenges, run and grow our business and lead and inspire a talented team.

"Individual growth and development is important to me and my team members, and the ability to continue to grow and learn is one of the advantages of working at Experian. My personal growth is the result of a number of different opportunities of which I have taken advantage. Throughout my time at Experian, the support of others such as my manager, peers and my Human Resource colleagues have helped me apply in practice what I have learned.

"My philosophy to career development and being successful at Experian is: don't be afraid to ask questions. Immerse yourself in the business by creating a network of internal resources that can help you develop. You need to take ownership of your career, don't wait for it to come to you".

Maria Zanforlin - Direct to Consumer Superintendent, Latin America

I joined Serasa Experian in September 1997 to work in the sales area with a focus on the Credit Bureau which was focused on leveraging products in the Telecom vertical. After that I took over this area of the business to sell all other products and in 2002 assumed the Insurance, Purchasing Pool and Internet verticals with a team of 4 people. In March 2004 I became a Sales Manager, responsible for measuring the sales team results according to the established forecast and for providing summary reports to the sales leaders. After that in 2009 I managed the Customer Service and Back Office team and was responsible for the expansion and outsourcing of Teleperformance. Since March 2011 I have taken on the role of leader of the Direct to Consumer business in Brazil with the responsibility to leverage the business in the region.

I have also had the opportunity to work in different areas of the business and also with different leaders; this has given me a broader perspective of the different business units. It has also given me the ability to deal with different people and most importantly taught me that in order to achieve you need a great team of people! I have also had the opportunity to gain international exposure, including presenting local projects to global forums and carrying out global benchmarking.

I always tried to manage both my personal life alongside my work life and as a result I’ve maintained a good work life balance, which is very important to me. Working at Experian has given me the opportunity to learn from different situations and has given me the autonomy to learn from my own experiences whilst providing me with more formal training along the way.

Michael Ricci - Finance Manager – Corporate FP&A

I joined Experian the day following my University Graduation in 2005 as an entry-level data analyst in Business Information Services. My career ambition is to have a successful career in finance and to eventually become a CFO within a business unit at Experian.

Since joining I have been in eight different roles and am currently working as a Finance Manager in the Corporate Finance team based in Costa Mesa, California. My role involves ‘working together’ with senior level Vice Presidents to manage a multi functional corporate budget. Experian is a great place to work given the different opportunities it has provided me in my career to date.

Some of my biggest career challenges have been mastering each of my roles, which have all had different processes, tasks and manager expectations. It is not just about completing the tasks at hand, but how these processes can be improved to increase company productivity. This has helped me to develop the behaviours of ‘making great decisions’ and ‘doing it right’.

I recently had the opportunity to work in Australia with the Asia Pacific Finance team, which is another experience that has helped me grow in my career. The culture, people and environment gave me tools that have enhanced and strengthened my career.

My philosophy on career development and being successful at Experian is “constantly absorb new knowledge and discover innovative ways to improve processes and solve problems”. When challenges arise I proactively seek out experienced individuals who can help guide me in the right direction. My success to date has come from seizing every growth opportunity available, and learning from each new experience I encounter. It is not about doing a task just to get it done, but about gaining a deeper understanding of what you are doing and making sure it is ‘done right’.

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