Decision Analytics

Helping our clients to lend effectively and minimise the risk of fraud, and using advanced software to conduct analysis

Is this customer who they claim to be?

Can this person afford the loan they’re asking for?

Does this person qualify for a service we provide?

Is this customer about to leave us for a competitor?

Is this transaction genuine or might it be linked to criminal activity?

Can I improve my operations to make credit decisions in minutes instead of days? 

Organisations need to answer these sorts of questions hundreds, thousands, even millions of times a day. As well as answering them accurately and consistently, they need to answer them quickly because that’s what their customers expect. 

We help our clients do this – minimising the risk to their organisation while delivering the sort of customer experience that people expect. We help them to lend effectively, to detect and minimise fraud and to comply with legal requirements. We help them identify new opportunities including more efficient ways to run their business and better ways to cross-sell their products.  

We do this by combining our own data with data from our clients and third parties. We then use advanced technologies to organise and analyse this data, turning it into useful information and something meaningful which our customers can act on. Our clients can make lending decisions on hundreds of millions of credit applications every year and can also avoid fraud by checking that applicants are who they say they are. 

Our 3,000 technologists and data scientists work with over 12,000 organisations in more than 90 countries, from small start-ups to multi-nationals and governments. 

Every year we check that 182 million people are who they say they are

Find out more about how we can help organisations:  

  • Reduce fraud – by making sure that whether the customer is getting in touch by phone, laptop or tablet, they are exactly who they say they are  
  • Assess a customer’s ability to pay – by providing an accurate picture of their financial information  
  • Increase customer satisfaction – by identifying cross-selling opportunities and unmet needs 
  • Reduce churn – by identifying patterns of behaviour that suggest a customer may not be happy 
  • Make decisions quickly and consistently – by automating processes and using data effectively to make consistent, accurate decisions

Decision Analytics contributes 13%* to our global revenue

*We calculated this from April 2016-March 2017.